Essential Oil Bath Melt – Rose Geranium

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This uplifting, refreshing melt is a floral lovers paradise! With it’s sweet, comforting scents, this soufflé will restore harmony to your mood and acts as a natural anti- septic helping with eczema and dermatitis! Blended into cocoa butter, this becomes a moisturizing must-have for the bath!

Did you know? Geranium oil is a skin care essential as it helps to balance sebum production (which generates spots and pimples!). It also helps to reduce cellulite, acts as a natural deodorant and treats anxiety!

Hand made by Wild Olive in Derbyshire from natural ingredients.  Vegan friendly.

Remove label and dissolve in warm, running water.

Approximate size: 4cm high x 4cm diameter.

One supplied – 45g.

4 in stock

1 review for Essential Oil Bath Melt – Rose Geranium

  1. Diane Hawkins

    Been struggling with very dry itchy skin, normally use gallons of creme after bathing….
    This bath melt soothed my itchy skin immediatly, did'nt have a need to use a moisturiser, as the gorgeous oils made my skin so soft. Particularly like the geranium rose oil melt, the aroma is soooooo luxurious.

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