Essential Oil Bath Melt – Rosemary & Mint


This bright, reviving, wake-me-up melt is the ultimate stimulating bath tub treat! With loads of healing properties from Rosemary (such as antiseptic for the skin and clarity for the mind) and cleansing treatment from Peppermint, this soufflé works wonders! Perfect for a mood elevator, this melt also acts as the natural decongestant making it the best melt for blocked nose and sinuses!

Did you know? Rosemary and Mint together are great for relaxing tired muscles, help relieve headaches and is a must have for a hangover bath!

Hand made by Wild Olive in Derbyshire from natural ingredients.  Vegan friendly.

Remove label and dissolve in warm, running water.

Approximate size: 4cm high x 4cm diameter.

One supplied – 45g.

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